[Article + Translation] Jung Yoo Mi Transformed to a 'Raincoat Girl'

27/09/2012 20:39

Source: GG Times
Korean to English Translation: City Conquest Blog (www.cityconquest.blogspot.com)

Masterpiece drama 'City Conquest's Jung Yoo Mi as a 'Raincoat Girl' surprise transformation became a hot topic.

In the photo released, Jung Yoo Mi is wearig a pretty pink raincoat with her coloful flower pattern dress making her bag as her pillow while soundly sleeping. Plus a hood that evokes an illusion of a doll lying with distinct facial features making her look like the 'Sleeping Beauty'. With her cute and childish look holding her bags and umbrella while sleeping  'Cute Yoo Mi Raincoat Girl' showing her unique charm that made fans end with laughter.

Netizen reacted "Wow~ Yoo Mi Noona is totally a cute girl!~^^" "Jung Yoo Mi's facial expression is overwhelming keke " "Wearing raincoats made her beauty shine even more~~hehe"