Baek Mir Is Bleeding

05/11/2012 17:10

I'm thinking to make this 'Scene Digest' an activity for us City Conquest fans since we have still a a long way run of waiting for this drama to air. Do you think you can play with your imagination with every single photo stills released? It'll be fun I'm sure and I can't wait to read what's going on your mind describing a particular photo. Who knows? You might predict what's gonna happen on the real drama.


So here's out it goes. In every photo released by the medias, you will predict or tell what is actually happening on that particular photo. Simple as that. This is just for fun and to kill time. I know I'm not the only one excited here. Aren't I?

Let's start with the photo Kim Hyun Joong shared in his Weibo Account just this morning. What I can see in this photo, obviously Baek Mir is bleeding. But supposed to be this photo isn't about him alone. I can see someone beside him but too bad they cut him out but I think I have a clue who could this be. It's Park Kwang Ya, Baek Mir's partner in crime.

And to continue my imagination, I remember writing a post about 'Baek Mir and Kwang Ya Sentenced To Death?' back in our old blog and this quite rings a bell. Remember this fan taken photo while they are shooting in a sea-side in Korea?

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I remember writing that Mir and Kwang Ya might be sentenced to death because the villains caught them. The punishment would be throwing them into the deep with their hands tied up. Of course, before doing so maybe the villains beat the two first, that's why we are seeing the photo of Baek Mir bleeding. Can you hear the bell now? :)  

Your turn! The comment box below is waiting for you. ^ _ ^

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