City Conquest Originally Planned As A Movie

06/11/2012 14:25

Upon searching for some news about City Conquest, I read this article way back from 2008. It's from Naver News. The title is 'Jessica Gomez for City Conquest Movie Casting'. I wasn't really that sure at first if it's the same with Kim Hyun Joong's City Conquest until I read the name 'Baek Mir', so now I'm certain it's all the same. There isn't so much in the article, only saying that Jessica Gomez will play as the boss's woman and she was chosen to play that part because she can speak english well. No other details given that time.

To those who wonder who is this girl, here is her photo.

This is the link from the original article

Ifyou have any corrections please feel free to share it with us. :)

Now I wonder why this project didn't pursue... hmmm.


Topic: City Conquest Originally Planned As A Movie

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