City Conquest Teaser Revealed to Kim Hyun Joong's SS501 Member Heo Young Saeng

22/09/2012 20:37

Lead male Kim Hyun Joong of SS501 seems to be very excited as he already showed his new drama teaser to his fellow member Heo Young Saeng. 

This drama still keeping it's low profile as it only been showing photo stills and no video teasers yet. City Conquest is rumored to air in Korea by October but the possibility slowly fades as September is coming to an end and still no progress from the drama's status.

Heo Young Saeng had his very first fan meeting in Japan today and during the 'Talk Time', he mentioned about his co-members meeting together.

Here's the detail shared by @HarukaYS and retweeted by @SakuraDream501 in twitter.

According to the report of after talk of Young Saeng's in Japan about all member

Kyu Jong went to Seoul on weekend.
Kyu Jong, Hyung Jun, Young Saeng, dancer, stylist went to have a drink recently. Out of expectation, they met Hyun Joong there too. But seems that Jung Min wasn't there.

Then Hyun Joong was drunk and he want to take of his clothes. Young Saeng appreciates Leader very much and he had seen teaser of Leader drama. (SS501 fans (Triple S ) calls Kim Hyun Joong 'Leader' as he is the leader of their group)