Kim Hyun Joong's Japan Promotion on October

15/09/2012 20:13

Korean to English Translation: Cheezeemelt (
Currently shooting Kim Hyun Joong's drama as a lead cast 'City Conquest' will start promoting in Japan starting on October 4, particularly in Budokan. 
This event will also to celebrate the first founding anniversary of Kim Hyun Joong's fan club HENECIA JAPAN. 
Latest stills of the drama starring Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yoo Mi, the drama director Yang Yoon Ho will do the planning of the on-progress surprise party with wide variety programs. 
2 years after starring in the drama 'Playful Kiss', Kim Hyun Joong's next project is 'City Conquest' an adaptation comic piece with the same name from its comic version.
Played as Baek Mir who grew up blaming his father who abandoned him as a child with his mother and will put the society into destruction as a revenge.
'City Conquest' is expected to broadcast in Japan through DATV on March next year.