Nam Goong Min and Jung Yoo Mi's Affectionate 'Couple Photo'

15/09/2012 20:03

Korean to English Translation: Cheezeemelt (

In a masterpiece drama 'City Conquest's' casts Nam Goong Min and Jung Yoo Mi's affectionate selca has became public.

In this photo, Cha Ji Ryong played by Nam Goong Min a neat and dandy guy while Jung Yoo Mi who will play the role of Lee Dan Bi wearing laces and her white skin heading back their heads towards the camera with a bright smile.

Particularly in Japan World Square Miniature Park, this photo was taken in front of the building like miniature with lots of people that made Nam Goong Min and Jung Yoo Mi looking like royal giants .

Netizens said "They look like the miniature's royal giants hehe", "I think any moment they will fly and ride in a carpet", "Where is Goong Min oppa's right hand?, can't you see his hand? It's the manor hands keke ~", "That's what love birds do", "Their selca looks like a pictorial~^^", "Yoo Mi eonnie's romantic autumn aura^^", "these 2 lovely couples are so cute~".

On the other hand, masterpiece drama 'City Conquest's' unpredictable, ever-changing looks will continue to unveil the hallyu stars Kim Hyun Joong and Kim Seung Woo, Kim Young Ho, Kim Hee Won, Park Hyo Jun and Choi Cheol Ho's brilliant charisma with high expectations and credibility are increasingly rising.