[NEWS] The Kim Hyun Joong Effect 'City Conquest' Already Sold 11.8 Billion Overseas Sales

29/10/2012 18:59

Source: Inews24
Korean to English Translation: Cheezeemelt (https://www.cheezeemelt.blogspot.com/)
With Kim Hyun joong's appearance in the drama 'City Conquest' has been finalized, it's already recieving hot attention from overseas. Kim Hyun Joong's agency Key East said on the 4th, 'Kim Hyun Joong being casted for the drama 'City Conquest', alot of international buyers became interested'. Copyright interests for the drama continues, it already reached to an amount close to 11.8 billion won (10 million dollars)'

Being Kim Hyun Joong as the lead role and the record sales is not yet at its full scale, the situation already achieved such accomplishments. Kim Hyun Joong being popular hallyu star both domestically and internationally is now getting evident.
In fact, in 2012 Kim Hyun Joong starred from MBC's 'Playful Kiss' back in 2012 sold to 11 countries in Asia such as Thailand and Philippines and it reached as one of the top dramas ever established in the history.

'City Conquest''s representative Baek Jin Dong said ' In 4 asian countries Japan, China, HK and Taiwan, they nearly completing the 10million contract agreement with an execeptional condition thanks to Kim Hyun Joong. 'City Conquest''s story is when Baek Mir as a child was left by his parents. He will destroy the evil society as a revenge.

Km Hyun Joong is expected to have a 180degrees transformation to give justice to his character Baek Mir who is strong and tough outside but weak inside.
Kim Hyun Joong's agency Key East said ''Despite having his Asia fanmeeting internationally and domestically, He's been training in order meet the overwhelming interest. Please give a lot of support and cheer as  Kim Hyun Joong shows his more fully developed appearance"
Soon after it's main cast completion, they will begin shooting early of July in Japan.