[Summary] City Conquest Promotion Event in Budokan

04/10/2012 20:48

City Conquest promotion event takes its place in Budokan,Japan today October 4th. Lead casts Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yoo Mi ofcourse attended the event together with their director. There's no press conference for this event, just an interview with lead casts and the director. Kim Hyun Joong as the lead male performed several of his songs with a band. Several drama parts from episodes 1 & 2 were showed to the fans and also revealed that the drama will be in 20 episodes and will shoot until March next year. While showing teasers, it is said that this drama looks more like of a movie because of its pace and action. Sneak peaks of the drama where showed including a part saying that there's just more than kissing scene that will happen in this boat scene. This boat is believed to be the place where the honeymoon happened.

The MC asked the leading lady Jung Yoo Mi. He asked what can she say about Kim Hyun Joong dressed a woman. While asking this Kim Hyun Joong got a little shy. Jung Yoo Mi answered that even though there's alot of people watching them during the shoot, he still carried on with his acting.
It was a successful event with a fullhouse attendance in the venue.

Credits: @baebb + @onlyKHJtimes
Photo credits: okapikenta + khjbelinda