[Translation] 10/4 City Conquest Promotion Event in Budokan Talk Time

05/10/2012 21:13

Source: hyunjoongnara
Korean to English Translation: City Conquest Blog (www.cityconquest.blogspot.com)

Note: If you feel that the translations aren't accurate, please feel free to correct me. Thanks!

Before the talk time, everyone introduced themselves including director-nim.

Yoo Mi: I'm glad to meet you. I'm Jung Yoo Mi playing Dan Bi's character. I'm very pleased to meet you.
Director-nim: Annyeonghaseyo everyone. I'm the drama 'City Conquest' director Yang Yoon Ho. Thank you for coming today.

MC asked what are their roles in the drama.

Hyun Joong: I'm acting as Baek Mir. I had lived a very rough life but I love this one woman Lee Dan Bi who I met that will gradually heal the pain and my heart.

Yoo Mi: Before you watched the video from behind the scenes, I want you please don't worry. Because of the last scene, I know you've react violently. If you got angry, I'm sorry from my heart.

Hyun Joong: That's alright. That is only acting.

Yoo Mi: I'm acting as Dan Bi who is very bright and filled with positive energy. Baek Mir who I sincerely love. I will brighten to illuminate his dark world. (I think she meant here that she will enlighten Baek Mir's world despite the hardworks that surrounds him). Did you had a hard time doing the action scenes?.

HJ: Even though this is my first time doing action drama and I'm not yet familiar doing my parts, but I'm working hard on it. The stuntman is working hard also behind the scenes. He is giving enough effort because of several risk factors and also to ensure safety. (Hyun Joong said something about his motorcycle scene where he could've done better and longer but I think time didn't allow him to).

MC: What do you think about dressing as a woman?

(fans said 'Cute!!')

HJ: I'm glad that the fans thought it was cute. It's my first time dressing as a girl in this year, I didn't do this for many years. I remember doing it back in our concert last 2005. And so I will work hard for you to enjoy the scene.

MC: What do you think of Hyun Joong dressed up like a woman?

Yoo Mi: ( She said something woman will get insecured because of his beauty). When I saw him I thought he is really beautiful. During the shooting, there are lots of fans who stayed and watched, but he didn't get shy at all. He is working really hard. When I saw his appearance, I thought that he is a gifted and professional actor.

MC: Any special instruction you gave to them? (Talking to the director)

Director-nim: first of all, I thought Hyun Joong-ssi would get shy if he dresses as a woman but I just told him to work hard (smiles).

MC asked Hyun Joong about his previous roles and asked what can he say about them.

HJ: Baek Mir doesn't seem to be a complete adult. I haven't thought to compare Baek Mir to Baek Seung Jo and Ji Hoo (because no one had asked me yet). But I feel more comfortable to act as Baek Mir (maybe because he has a lot of similarities to Baek Mir).

MC: What are your first impression to these two?(referring to KHJ and JYM)

Director-nim : Kim Hyun Joong-ssi has a very pretty face as a man.  I was surprised when I got to know him that he is tough and very manly. And when we drank together with Yoo Mi I was also surprised of his humor. Jung Yoo Mi-ssi has a very refreshing personality as a woman.

MC: How did you emphathize to act the cool and wild Baek Mir?

HJ: As an actor and a singer, I think Hyun Joong doesn't have that wild look. Though Hyun Joong also has his wild side but he's just not showing it to you. This time as Baek Mir, I will little by little take out the cool or wild side of the original Kim Hyun Joong.

MC: Do you somehow relate to Baek Mir's character?

Hyun Joong: (Thinks first).. I don't know if you will believe but, I like being Baek Mir who will fight to death for the person he love and I thought we are quite similar as a person.

MC: Anything you would like to tell to the audience about the drama's theme?

Director-nim: There are times we live with difficult trials, there are problems that can not be solved by the law and in this drama Baek Mir has its own way of resolving it. He is going to have his own definition for Justice and because Love depicts in the process, sometimes he'll be out of focus.

MC: What is the highlight of this drama?

Yoo Mi: Overall, this drama has a very large scale and is full of actions and colorful attractions. The video (shown) is only a portion and I think this will be a really awesome drama. I'm also looking forward for the completion of this drama, so please wait for it.

MC said that there seems to have a lot of difficult scenes, what are the places or scenes that are really hard to shoot with. (Not sure with this one)

Hyun Joong: The scene that spent the longest time was the rooftop scene. It was really hard shooting it. The kiss scene is also hard to shoot. (Fans in a big fuss) I think HJ asked the fans if they don't like him taking kissing scenes and said 'But that's not appropriate' or I think he didn't agree with the fans. But if you do so, I think I'll just take it roughly...... just kidding (laughs). But because I'm surrounded by great performers, staffs and directors, almost all of the scenes can be a highlight. When you hear the title 'City Conquest' you might think that it always has a dark and action content. Yes it has action in this drama, mellow drama and love scene but there are also something to smile/laugh at, so I think you have to focus on the emotions and triumph of this drama. I think you will enjoy this drama.

MC: What are your impressions in Japan?

Yoo Mi: Everytime I go here in Japan be it work or just travel, the streets are all clean and the people are really friendly. This time everybody gave us a warm welcome and even prepared lunch and snacks for us. She also said something about staffs and actors will get energy from these japanese or else they will get stressed but I'm not sure though. And I'm really thankful to them.

MC asked how is the remaining episodes shot with this hot weather (not sure of this one).

Director-nim: This summer is really hot right? We mainly shot in Nikko but, fortunately because of the sunlight there is better than anywhere else and it was cooler and I think it was better than Korea. Of course there are days that are really hot but, to avoid the hot summer we take a bath in the morning and in the evening. (I'm not sure with the bath part.)

Yoo Mi: But it's still hot (laughs)