[Video] A New Dimension Of Action Sequence

12/10/2012 10:35
Here's another City Conquest Digest shown in Budokan Event last Oct 4 2012. First is 'Who Am I', second 'Love' and this part is called 'A New Dimension of Action Sequence'. This time the video is all about what happened behind those action scenes. After watching this, I think City Conquest is one...

City Conquest Part II 'Love'

06/10/2012 21:17
City Conquest Part II 'Love'. This time we got to see Lee Dan Bi. And boy, why am I crying? Baek Mir lost his memory and almost didn't recognize Lee Dan Bi. But the moment he recognized her, he quickly ran into her and hug her. That scene made me cry. Not because Dan Bi is crying but because...

City Conquest Part I 'Who Am I'?

06/10/2012 21:15
Finally, a longer version has emerged. Apparently, this sneak peek was shown from the event in Budokan last 10/4 and why am I freaking out? Have you seen his body? Have you seen his action scenes? I have nothing to say, I am so speechless! It's freaking awesome! I never seen Hyun Joong like that...