Baek Mir 백미르 (Kim Hyun Joong)

Baek Mir. Once you see him, you will be attracted with his handsome face. A very resourceful man. Has a brilliant logic thinking and even stands out in Martial Arts.

The protagonist who grew up blaming his father from abandoning him and his mother. He is against the evil society who also put his family into ruin.


Lee Dan Bi 이단비 (Jung Yoo Mi)

Lee Dan Bi, a jewelry designer who is pure and honest than anyone else. Has a splendid beauty who dreams of unpretentious happiness.



Cha Ji Ryong 차지룡 (Nam Goong Min)

Torn between hatred and ambition. Lee Dan Bi reminds him of his mother. Stand in the side of evil and will battle against Baek Mir.

Baek Seung Hyun 백승현 (Kim Seung Woo) 

Baek Seung Hyun, Baek Mir's father. A little bit of a perfectionist. Wants everything to be accurate and finishes on time. President of the secret military development.

Park Kwang Ya 박광야 (Park Hyo Jun)


Baek Mir's partner in crime. Irreplaceable friend. Has the body and strength and always follows Baek Mir.

Choi Cheol Ho 최철호 

Cha Seong Kwang's assistant. Baek Mr's enemy.

Cha Song Kwang 차성광 (Kim Young Ho)

Cha Jiryong (Nam Goong Min)'s father. Baek Seung Hyun (Baek Mir)'s former colleague and became eventually their enemy.