Derived from a popular manwha (manga) 'City Conquest' by Shin Hyung Bin and was illustrated by Kim Jong Seon (first published last June 9 1997). Baek Mir (Kim Hyun Joong) grew up with a rough childhood. Abandoned by his parents when he was young made him bitter about the world he lives in. He lives in a place where prostitutes are all over the place. Baek Mir hates the dirty doings of the officials in his country and swore to himself to stop them with his own fists. When he was 17 yrs old, his father (Kim Seung Woo) came back. When he started to live with his father, he didn't cope up well at the beginning. During his highschool days, he met several friends and one of them is Tae Soo Min (Unannounced). They became close, so close that Soo Min fell in love with him. When Baek Mir's father died, his whole world almost tore apart and his determination to take down the filthy society grew much stronger. He fell in love with a lady name Lee Dan Bi (Jung Yoo Mi) who is a jewelry designer and has the kindest heart. Dan Bi has a loyal suitor Cha Ji Ryong who apparently became Baek Mir's ultimate rival.