[Article + Translation] City Conquest's Jung Yoo Mi In Her Japan Bushy Fashion Captured "Several Alternative Bags, How many kilos are those?"

20/09/2012 20:31

Another photo still released! It's the gorgeous Lee Dan Bi with her baggage? Where is she going? Looks like Mir went back to Korea and Dan Bi will follow her there? Anyways, here's a translated article about this photos.

Source: TV Daily
Korean to English Translation: City Conquest Blog (www.cityconquest.blogspot.com)
Actress Jung Yoo Mi was captured walking in the streets of Japan.
City Conquest's Jung Yoo Mi with her unique fashion, she appeared and was shot in the streets of japan carrying several bags. In the photo released, Jung Yoo Mi showed her unusual sense of fashion wearing long dress mis and matched with pastel shades.
Jung Yoo Mi with her large travel bag, backpack, two shoulder bags and several various bags all over her body.
Netizens' reactions were "That's really alot of bags Yoo Mi noona", "I want to see you opening those bags just once", "Those bags are that many?".
Meanwhile, the expectations for this drama is expected to raise as brilliant actors such as Kim Hyun Joong, Nam Goong Min, Kim Seung Woo, Kim Young Ho, Kim Hee Won, Park Hyo Jun and Choi Cheol Ho are included in the casts.