[Article + Translation] Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yoo Mi's Stare 'Full Of Heart'

12/10/2012 10:25

Source: TV Daily
Korean to English Translation: City Conquest Blog (www.cityconquest.blogspot.com)
Note: English Translation not exactly from Korean version. I edited it a little bit to make it more appropriate.
Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yoo Mi's looking at each other with a face of love in their hearts photo was unveiled.
Jung Yoo Mi and Kim Hyun Joong as the main characters for the new drama 'City Conquest'.
In the photo released, Jung Yoo Mi folding her hands looking cute and lovely while Kim Hyun Joong staring at her making them looked like real lovers.
Jung Yoo Mi's warm and crystal clear eyes with her pink-tinged blushing face revealing her boundless affection to Kim Hyun Joong is now attracting attention.
Netizen reacted "They are so lovely!, their gaze are so warm", "Jung Yoo Mi, have you fallen in love with him? Eagle eye launched", "Eyes are extraordinary", "Jung Yoo Mi just saved a country in her past life to be blessed like this".