Choi Cheol Ho To Focus On His Role In City Conquest

20/10/2012 11:28

City Conquest casts now are in full swing and getting serious for their roles. First an article emerged saying Kim Hyun Joong (Baek Mir) will now refrain his singing career for awhile to give more time being an actor particularly for his role in this drama and now Choi Cheol Ho just gave up his role from KBS 1TV drama 'The Great King's Dream' and will be replaced by Lee Jin Woo to focus more on his role in City Conquest as Cha Seong Kwang's (Kim Young Ho) subordinate. 

Thanks to @howlovelylala for clearing this up as I got a little confused when I read the articles regarding this one. At first I thought Lee Jin Woo will replace Choi Cheol Ho in City Conquest but I was wrong, it's Choi Cheol Ho who got replaced by Lee Jin Woo in the drama 'The Great King's Dream' instead. Thank you very much for this. ^^

Source: OSEN
Korean to English Translation: City Conquest Blog (

According to news, a representative from Choi Cheol Ho's side called OSEN yesterday (19th) and said that since Choi Cheol Ho is confirmed to join City Conquest, it hasn't been easy to manage the schedule since most of 'City Conquest's' location are in the provinces and overseas.

Looks like 'City Conquest' now is in full force! Most of the casts now are giving up their remaining works just to give their full focus for the drama. This is getting exciting everyday isn't it?! :)