City Conquest's Kim Seung Woo-Kim Hyun Joong vs Kim Young Ho-Nam Goong Min Charismatic Acting Showdown

29/10/2012 19:36

Source: Star N News
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Kim Seung Woo and Kim Young Ho's charismatic and fierced acting showdown unfolds.
In the drama 'City Conquest', Kim Seung Woo who manages The President's secret for the private military development and as Baek Mir's (Kim Hyun Joong) father who also unveiled his charisma in the drama 'Iris' that exceeded everyone's expectations.
Particularly in the drama's story he will play an important role and will unveil an overflowing and unique charisma. In addition he'll be battling a showdown with Cha Seong Gwang (Kim Young Ho) who once became his colleague but will fall out of their friendship and will turn away against him and his son Baek Mir, who will also fight against Cha Ji Ryong (Nam Goong Min).
With Kim Seung Woo's unique and sincere charisma and acting, he will showcase a showdown with Kim Young Ho.
Meanwhile, the netizens reacted and said "Kim Seung Woo vs Kim Young Ho will be a big fight! dugeun dugeun", "Kim Seung Woo-Kim Hyun Joong vs Kim Young Ho-Nam Goong Min, father and son showdown? This is so exciting!" "Actors and casting is perfect^^", "With brilliant actors, this could be a jackpot"