[New Photo + Translation] Lee Dan Bi Kidnapped?

05/10/2012 20:53

After a jawbreaking event yesterday where Kim Hyun Joong and Jung Yoo Mi went to Japan for the promotion of their drama, we got to see sneak peak of the drama where we saw Baek Mir warming up topless showing his great perfect body. I'm sure Kim Hyun Joong fans were all shocked to see him like that. Me myself was shocked. I couldn't help but swoon over his body and dang! Have you seen his acting? He really improved alot.

On the other hand, another photo still was released and this time it's the lead lady Jung Yoo Mi. The photo tells that Jung Yoo Mi seems to be in trouble. Is she caught by the villains as well? I have a feeling Nam Goong Min is behind this scene.

Source: Newsen
Korean to English Translation: City Conquest Blog (www.cityconquestblog.com)

A photo of City Conquest's Jung Yoo Mi surrounded by the villains recently became public. The photo released for the said drama 'Lee Dan Bi' played by Jung Yoo Mi where she was surrounded by the grim villains wearing black suit and she looked frightened and threatened that added curiosity to the fans.

The Netizens quickly reacted and said "Hyun Joong oppa quick! Save Yoo Mi eonni!" "Don't say they will kill her?" "Full of curiosity and explosions!" "Is she being held up as a hostage? Ottoke" "The villains' expression is daebak!" "Kim Hyun Joong please help her!"