[Video] A New Dimension Of Action Sequence

12/10/2012 10:35

Here's another City Conquest Digest shown in Budokan Event last Oct 4 2012. First is 'Who Am I', second 'Love' and this part is called 'A New Dimension of Action Sequence'. This time the video is all about what happened behind those action scenes. After watching this, I think City Conquest is one special of a drama. All the crews, staffs and casts have all shed their sweat and effort and the drama is not even starting yet. I'm glad that the team for this drama is taking all the time they can get to make the drama perfect, and I can see that this drama will be one of the masterpiece ever made in Korea. So let's all support this drama.

About the love scene...... hmmmmm next question please! HAHA!
And atlast! I see Choi Cheol Ho from the scene! Hehehe.. He's really a bad guy isn't he? I saw him taking Baek Mir down from the top of the building and a couple of fight scenes.

A little reminder about this video. Please DO NOT RE-UPLOAD, RE-EDIT or take SCREENCAPS from this clip. Hollishyun will never share her videos anymore if ever someone got caught doing so. Please let's just enjoy the video and respect the owner. Thank You.